Weekend Update Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Ultimate, and the Swim club all competed at the University of Delaware this past Weekend. The Women’s Lacrosse team had a successful weekend, beating The University of Delaware 12-8, The University of Maryland 12-7, and shut out West Chester University 8-0. Overall they are now 5-1.

Women’s Ultimate overcame The University of Delaware B team 13-2, Syracuse 10-9, Cornell B team 13-2, as well as The University of Delaware 10-5, and Hofstra 9-6. Falling short to Vermont 11-6 and The University of Delaware Alum 13-5.

Men’s Soccer had a tournament at Stoney Brook, Team A went 2-1-2 and received 2nd place. Team B, went 4-1 and received 3rd place. An overall successful tournament for both teams.

Equestrian hosted a home competition at Feather Downs and now two of their teammates qualify for regionals. Figure Skating also participated in a competition this weekend At Liberty University.

Pom Squad supported the Men’s Basketball Team this weekend at the Baltimore Arena!

Water Polo traveled to College Park for a tournament in which they played Binghamton, Villanova A team, and Wetskins A, and B team!

Great job to all the teams that played this weekend, keep up the good work!

Rep Your Hood!

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